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In Ohio, if you’ve ever suffered the loss of a family member due to medical malpractice or errors, then you understand what this family is going through. In the medical malpractice case reported on March 27, the family from Michigan reported that their daughter, an infant born in 2009, was killed due to medical negligence.

The infant was only three days old when she died on June 7, 2009, according to the records from Saint Mary’s Health Care. The child had been born premature, but she was healthy at 34 weeks. She was only five pounds.

Since the child was doing fine in the neonatal intensive care unit until the following mistake happened, the shock of her death is not surprising. She was being fed through an umbilical venous catheter, which is inserted into one of the two veins of the umbilical cord, but when it was inserted, it was pushed up too far and into her heart. The X-ray showed that the catheter was in her heart, but the radiologist allegedly reported that there were no abnormalities.

The lawsuit states that the radiologist did not report any improper placement, and this allegedly led to the child’s death due to fluid build-up around her heart. The little girl died due to cardiac arrest after she was unable to be resuscitated. It’s alleged that if the catheter had been adjusted, the little girl would still be alive. An autopsy was inconclusive, but 20 ml of the TPN feeding solution was found within the sac around the baby’s heart. Her lungs had both collapsed or partially collapsed.

Since the incident, the radiologist has died at 63. However, the Kent County Circuit Court also found that he was not the one responsible for the child’s early death, but Kent Radiology was held accountable. The jury did find that it was a contributing factor, and it awarded the couple $1.25 million for medical negligence.