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If you go to a doctor for any reason in Ohio, you could be exposed to malpractice. Medical malpractice isn’t always going to cause serious injuries or death, but in this case, one 71-year-old woman was killed due to an error with a catheter during a coronary artery bypass surgery. According to the news from Mar. 5, the jury based in St. Clair County, Wisconsin, awarded the victim’s family $1 million on Feb. 26. This case had been pending for an alarming amount of time — just over 11 years.

When you take a case like this to court, it can take years before you’ll be able to settle or go to trial. In this instance, a man had to wait years before he could settle with the hospital and doctor who allegedly left a 71-year-old woman dead. According to the story, the woman’s death was taken to court by a related man who sued the doctor of the Anesthesia department and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.

He claimed that when the woman was in surgery, the doctor had used a Swan-Ganz catheter on the woman. However, that catheter hadn’t been approved with the man’s consent. Because of this, it shouldn’t have been used, since all items used in surgery are normally approved by family members or guardians before the procedure.

The man claims that the doctor did not monitor the catheterization properly and didn’t properly perform the catheterization. He claimed that it was due to this error that the 71-year-old woman died on Oct. 28, 2002. Remarkably, 11 years after the case was launched against the hospital and doctor, the hospital settled with the victim just days before the trial was to begin on Feb. 20. It’s not clear how much money the victim had settled for, but the jury awarded $1 million for the error.