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Riding a motorcycle can be fun, but there are many situations in which it can also be more dangerous to be on the roads. That’s certainly true on the highway and roads where there may be dangerous drivers or hazardous debris. What happens when debris suddenly appears because it wasn’t tied down well enough to the vehicle in front of you? You won’t have much time to evade it, and it’s possible you could be thrown from your motorcycle or could slide or crash into other vehicles because of swerving or maneuvering quickly. The driver should be held liable if recklessness leads to an injury, even if the vehicle itself wasn’t involved in an accident.

On I-70 East in Ohio, two motorcyclists were injured when they collided with debris on the roadway. According to the news report from May 19, the two people were riding together when they collided with part of a truck’s load that fell off the back.

When they hit the debris, both people were ejected from the motorcycle and injured; emergency services were called to the scene to help provide emergency medical care. Neither, the report claims, was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

Both the people on the motorcycle were taken to Soin Medical Center for treatment, but no news on their conditions has been released. The truck driver was stopped further down the road by the police, and he now has been cited for having an unsecured load. It’s not been said if he’ll face any other charges for the accident.