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When a Cleveland patient is seriously injured by his or her doctor, he or she likely wants to know what happened; what the doctor did or failed to do that resulted in such a serious injury. In many cases, the patient would also like an apology for the medical malpractice. Both of these situations would require the physician or surgeon to take some time to meet with and talk to a patient, but that is something that many doctors are unwilling to do.

One of the reasons they won’t meet with their former patients is because they don’t want what they say to be used against them in court. So, some people who want to change the medical malpractice system want to make doctors’ apologies something that can’t be used in court during a malpractice lawsuit. The problem, of course, is that many times an apology is just not enough.

Imagine going to the doctor’s because you are in severe pain. While there, the doctor performs an exam and declares that you are fine. What he or she misses is that you have a serious illness that, after you return home, causes serious and permanent damage. You are left with life-long medical conditions that will need constant care and force you onto disability benefits. Now, if the doctor apologizes for his or her mistake it won’t be enough to pay for your care for the rest of your life.

One of the reasons why medical malpractice lawsuits are for such large amounts of money in Ohio is because follow-up medical care and treatment to correct a medical mistake is costly. In these kinds of situations, it is important to work with an experienced medical malpractice attorney who can seek compensation to pay for a victim’s future care.