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Birth injuries can result in a lifetime of pain and suffering, struggles and overall dependency. Your child shouldn’t have to suffer unnecessary injuries, but neglect or inadequate treatments during pregnancy can result in some serious birth injuries. Injuries can also happen when giving birth, particularly if your child can’t breathe or if you suffer from a delayed Cesarean section.

Not all birth injuries are going to make a long-term impact on your child’s life, but some will. Birth injuries are generally caused by prolonged labor, abnormal birthing presentation and prematurity among other causes. Your doctor should take these issues into account and perform a C-section or offer other help based on your situation. However, if you don’t get the kind of treatment you need, then injuries like cephalohematomas or caput succedaneum can take place and lead to injuries for your child. These kinds of injuries can alter your child’s future and may be something you can claim for in a lawsuit.

Brachial palsy, which is when the nerves that control the arms and hands are injured, can lead to difficulty raising the arms or moving the hands. Some children will get better and be able to function normally, but others will face a lifetime of disability, weakness or paralysis. Even if your child doesn’t lose the function of the arm, he or her will still need to go through months or years of rehabilitation to use it properly again in the future.

Fractures are also possible during your child’s delivery. Fractures aren’t always unusual; a fractured clavicle is common for many children and won’t cause problems for most children. Healing usually happens quickly for babies with this kind of fracture, but other kinds that occur may be different.