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Birth injuries are horrible for any parent to face, as your infant may be suffering from trauma that can permanently disable them because of errors made during, before or after delivery. Whether the child faces a lifetime of disabilities or a short-term recovery after an acute diagnosis, it is important that parents understand they may have a cause of action to make a claim against those responsible.

The cause of a birth injury will need to be investigated by a medical team. Parents can ask for someone unrelated to the original medical team to do the investigation to be sure that it remains unbiased. Some conditions have genetic links, but many disorders diagnosed in otherwise healthy babies were caused by medical negligence or errors made during delivery. It’s possible that hypoxia could lead to cerebral palsy, so if your child was deprived of oxygen for too long, that could be the catalyst for the condition.

Another possible injury caused at birth is called shoulder dystocia. This is when your baby’s head is delivered without dislodging the shoulders. If a baby is very large, doctors should be prepared for this, since large babies can get struck in the birth canal. In serious cases, the baby could have permanent injuries to the nerves in the arm, hand or shoulder. The baby could also suffer a broken arm or collarbone. Paralysis could also result from this injury.

Our website has more information about birth injuries and what you can do if your child suffered from them.. You have a right to learn as much as possible before you decide to file a claim.