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As your child gets older, his or her birth injury will continue to affect him. There are several things you’ll need to consider as your child ages. For instance, will he or she need ongoing medical care, new medical equipment or special accommodations?

The cost of growing up with a disability or injury can be extensive. Your child could need a lifetime of surgeries and medical visits to stay healthy; he or she could require ongoing therapy for walking, talking, working and even for mental disabilities caused by injuries at birth. Because of this, it’s absolutely important that the medical needs of your child are thought about not only for the present time, but in the future as well.

When you’re considering civil litigation against someone who has caused your child a birth injury, remember to calculate the amount of equipment and accommodations your child will need. For example, if your child is in a wheelchair now, a larger one will be needed as he or she grows. If he or she is unsteady on his or her feet, you may need to install railings on stairs or have access to walking canes or walkers of different sizes. As your child ages, he or she will need new equipment; accounting for that now while you’re seeking compensation will save you money and hassle later.

You should work to develop a life-care plan for your child before you seek compensation. With that, it’s easier to see the stages of your child’s life and the items he or she will need in each one. With that information, courts can determine a fair settlement or award for your case.