Delayed C-Section

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Childbirth should be an incredible, exciting experience — whether you deliver naturally or via the increasingly popular method, Cesarean section. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 32% of all deliveries in the United States are performed via C-Section, which is why every doctor should be prepared to handle these types of deliveries. Unfortunately, as commonplace as C-sections are, they can still be extremely dangerous if they are delayed or overdue. If your doctor, nurse or midwife, makes a mistake by delaying the C-Section unnecessarily, you and your child could suffer severe injuries as a result.

Do you think you have a Cesarean section malpractice case? If you or your child suffered any injuries due to a delayed C-section, The Lancione Law Firm can help you seek compensation and justice from the liable party. We understand that nothing can take back what was stolen from you, but with the proper legal advocacy, we can obtain justice for your suffering, and we can take necessary action to help ensure nobody else experiences the same complications from birth injuries.

How To Identify A Delayed C-Section

Cesarean sections can be rightly delayed for many reasons, but at some point, delaying a C-section can be far more dangerous for both the mother and the unborn child. Doctors may choose to delay a C-section in order to help a premature baby grow within the mother’s belly for as long as possible, or they may push back to Cesarean section in order to accommodate any number of other health concerns. However, if the baby is in distress, or if either the mother or baby are facing immediate health risks, a C-section may be the best solution. If a doctor fails to order a C-section, even by a few minutes, that delay could lead to severe problems.

C-sections are often ordered to address or avoid the following problems:

  • Prolonged labor
  • Fetal distress
  • Placenta Previa
  • Uterine rupture
  • Placental abruption
  • Umbilical cord prolapse
  • Failure to progress in labor
  • Infant is in breech position

Anticipating The Need For A C-Section

There are also certain circumstances where a doctor should anticipate delivering the baby through Cesarean section based on the mother’s health, or the specific needs of the baby. Mothers with previous C-sections, for example, are often encouraged to have the rest of their children via C-section to reduce the risk of a dangerous outcome through a natural birth. If a doctor fails to warn a mother about this concern and does not perform a C-section when necessary, the mother and baby’s lives could be at risk.

Additionally, C-sections are often the safest options for mothers with diabetes, preeclampsia, active genital herpes or other preexisting health conditions. If a mother is carrying multiple babies, or if the baby has been diagnosed with a birth defect in the womb, the doctor might also expect to perform a C-section for a safer delivery.

Do You Have A Case? We Can Help.

If a doctor knows that a C-section is necessary, but he or she still fails to perform that procedure on time, the results could be damaging, painful and even fatal. Even in emergency circumstances, where a C-section is not anticipated, but still very much necessary, doctors must be able to identify the problem and act accordingly. If a medical professional fails to order an emergency C-section, the baby could suffer brain damage, lack of oxygen and other severe birth injuries. Additionally, the mother could be exposed to dangerous health risks that would also put her life in danger.

Our firm understands how difficult it is to recover from any childbirth, let alone a complicated procedure that results in injuries to the mother or baby. There is nothing quite like the pain of losing a child or seeing your child injured, which is why our team of dedicated legal advocates is committed to providing personalized, compassionate legal help. 

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