Hospitals Question Nonprofit Hospital Safety Rating System

by | Nov 29, 2012 | Firm News, General Interest |

As many people in Cleveland know, choosing the wrong doctor could turn
into a serious case of medical malpractice. Not all doctors are equal
and it stands to reason that not all hospitals are either. Fortunately
for Ohio patients, there has been an influx of rating systems that track
hospital safety, providing prospective patients with a little more information
before choosing what hospital at which to be seen.

Some of the hospitals that received failing grades, however, are questioning
the accuracy and impartiality of the rating system. One hospital in particular
has said that one patient’s death caused its rating to fall from
a “C” to an “F.” Though the hospital may see a
lot of patients die in a day, it is not fair to say that one patient’s
death should not count toward its safety rating.

The specific case was completely preventable. A man had received a liver
transplant, but he also sustained an air embolism during the procedure,
which ultimately caused his death. This man’s death was a tragedy,
in part because it never should have happened, and to say that his death
shouldn’t be counted against the hospital is ridiculous.

With approximately 180,000 people dying each year from hospital errors
and medical negligence, it is crucial that doctors and hospitals properly
treat each and every patient. It may cost a little more to make sure that
hospital staff members are not making any preventable errors, but since
the smallest mishap could lead to a patient’s death, it should not matter.

Sadly, hospital errors and medical negligence are a part of everyday life.
When they do happen, it is important to work with a medical malpractice
attorney to hold the doctors and hospital responsible for their errors.


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