Best and Worst Hospitals for Hip and Knee Replacements Named

by | Dec 20, 2013 | Firm News, General Interest, Surgical Errors |


If you need to have surgery to replace a knee or hip, then you expect to
get the best treatments possible. Unfortunately, two of Ohio’s hospitals
have been named as the worst places to have your surgery completed, according
to Medicare. These findings were allegedly based on complications, which
could include surgical errors or medical malpractice as well.

According to the news from Dec. 17, Medicare and the Federal Government
are starting to name names with regard to poor, or exceptional, care after
a knee or hip replacement surgery. Most hospitals are scored as average,
according to the news, but 97 were rated as lower than average and 95
were rated as higher than average.

At least two hospitals in Ohio were named in the 97 that had lower than
average care; two of those were in the nine that were rated as having
high readmission and complication rates. Grant Medical Center in Columbus,
Ohio, as well as Mercy St. Anne Hospital in Toledo, Ohio, made the list
for the worst places to get the surgeries done. The news claims that the
hospital was only marked higher or lower than average when there was a
major difference in records based on a national average.

Most hospitals, according to the story, were average. That was around 19
out of every 20 hospitals. For readmission, in this case, Medicare was
looking at how often a patient would be readmitted within 30 days of discharge.

If you’ve gone in for an elective surgery and have come out with
complications, there may be legal options available to you. You should
be able to seek compensation. This could help you pay for additional surgeries,
time off work, and pain and suffering.



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