Doctor Implicated in Two State’s Worth of Medical Malpractice

by | Aug 15, 2014 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

This medical malpractice case has once again named a doctor who has been
named before in previous sexual harassment lawsuits. According to the
story, a woman filed a lawsuit on July 7 against Hope Clinic PLLC and
the doctor in question. She has cited civil assault, battery, emotional
distress, false imprisonment, premises liability and other reasons for
the lawsuit stemming from appointments with the doctor in 2010.

She has claimed that the doctor in question sexually harassed and battered
her when she went to treatments with him. In one visit, she reported that
the doctor had instructed her to lie on her stomach. At that point, the
doctor allegedly rubbed his erect penis against her hand.

When the woman tried to report the man’s behavior to the Drug Enforcement
Administration, the agent allegedly said, “Shame on you, doc.”
Knowing that her complaint did little, she complained again to another
DEA agent. After that, her medications were cut in half and continued
to be decreased.

In 1997, the same doctor had been accused of sexual contact with four different
patients. Those allegations were dismissed because the patients were allegedly
not credible witnesses. The doctor previously retired or surrendered his
license in Ohio in 2000, stating that he wouldn’t apply again. That
was only three years after the State Medical Board of Ohio gave notice
that they intended to take action against the doctor.

In 2012, the West Virginia Board of Medicine found that the doctor had
engaged in unprofessional and unethical conduct. A statement of charges
was issued, and the board went as far as to say that the man would likely
continue to practice unethically and inappropriately unless the board
took action. His license was suspended in 2012.

If you’ve been involved in a situation like this in Ohio, you know
it’s unfair that a doctor has been allowed to continue to practice
despite evidence of medical malpractice. You can seek compensation through
a civil lawsuit against the doctor.


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