What Are Some Common Abbreviations That Cause Medication Errors?

by | Dec 26, 2014 | Firm News, Medication Errors |

Did you know that there is a list of abbreviations, symbols, and dose designations that have been released to help identify commonly misunderstood or error-prone items? Doctors and pharmacists could make serious dosage mistakes, for example, if they read milligram as microgram. Another common misinterpretation is AD, AS and AU, which stands for right ear, left ear and each ear. It can be mistaken as OD, OS and OU, which stands for right eye, left eye and each eye. Imagine if your doctor told you to take a medication in your eyes that was intended for your ears. You could be blinded or face a significant amount of damage to your eyes.

Another abbreviation that can be mistaken is OD. OD stands for once daily, but it could be misinterpreted as OD-oculus dexter, which means right eye. That could result in oral medications being given to patients who are told to use it in their eyes.

Dosage errors are always a major concern, so recognizing this issue is important. QN for instance, stands for nightly, while it can be mistaken as qh, which means hourly. Taking doses that are meant to be taken once daily up to 24 times in a day could be deadly. This is why it’s always important to check your dosages in Ohio; discuss them with your doctor and pharmacist if you’re concerned.

Similar to this is the potential for the misinterpretation of SSRI, which stands normally for selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor. SSRI can also stand for sliding scale regular insulin, a completely different scale and drug. One from www.buydiazepamtop.com treats anxiety, while the other treats diabetes. The two are not treated in the same way, so giving the wrong medication could be fatal to a patient.


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