Medical Errors and Medical Reporting in Ohio: Not Always Required

| Mar 12, 2015 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

Medical errors can lead to a number of issues from patient injuries to death. Normally, a patient who suffers an injury from these errors has the potential to file for a personal injury or medical malpractice case. What is interesting about medical errors, in general, is that Ohio does not have a specific reporting system that has to be used when an accident takes place.

Hospitals, for instance, do not have a required error reporting program. That means that they may not have to report some types of errors, especially if they have not affected anyone. While that can be beneficial for a hospital aiming to avoid fines and inspections, it doesn’t help them identify areas where errors often happen.

Nursing homes and health-care facilities do have some reporting requirements. Ohio has mandatory error reporting for these specific facilities, but the type of reporting required varies. For instance, error reporting may take place only within the institution or program.

While many facilities don’t have error-reporting requirements, it’s important to understand that hospitals and medical facilities still must live up to quality-of-care standards. If the hospital in question offers cardiac catheterization, newborn care, pediatric intensive care, bone marrow transplanting or one of several other procedures, then it’s required to meet strict standards including reporting mortality and morbidity rates.

In general, when data about errors is collected, it’s not for the sake of quality standards. Instead, it’s for the purpose of data collection and self-reporting; that means it’s not typically used to hold facilities accountable for their actions but is used over time to show changes within the facility.


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