Hospitals in Ohio Ranked the Best, Worst for Infection Rates

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Firm News, Medical Malpractice |

Some good news for you in Ohio is that Northwest Ohio hospitals have been placed among the best for infection control. What kind of infections could you face? MRSA, staph infections and other common infections in a hospital setting can result in secondary treatments that no patient should have to go through. Usually, with good hygiene and treatments that are sanitary, patients get away without having to deal with these conditions. If sanitation isn’t a priority at the hospital, then you could be injured by a sudden and severe infection.

What’s interesting is that although one hospital was listed as the best in Northwest Ohio. Mercy St. Anne Hospital in Toledo was actually ranked as one of the worst. Lima Memorial Health system was ranked as a hospital among the best, according to information provided by Consumer Reports.

Based on records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that investigated cases of MRSA or staph infections, surgical infections and other kinds, St. Anne Hospital and eleven others were the lowest ranked hospitals in the United States out of those reviewed. The hospital has argued that the review was unfair and that it is ranked equal to or better than national benchmarks by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid.

Are infections really that common? The CDC reports that one in 25 patients, on average, suffers at least one healthcare-related infection. That equals out to around 722,000 infections related to hospital stays or treatments in 2011. Out of those infections, 75,000 patients who had hospital-related infections died from the complications or the infection plus the treatment taking place.


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