Doctors with Sexual Misconduct in Their Pasts Still Practice

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Firm News, General Interest |

When you’re seeing a doctor for a medical condition, the last thing
you want to have to worry about is a history of sexual abuse or misconduct
influencing your care. That’s a problem in Ohio, as this report
points out.

The news report shows that one Dayton-area physician was found to still
be working and earning a six-figure salary in the state prison system,
even though he was convicted of public indecency in 2002. He admitted
to exposing himself to other people, not just patients but young children
and others, since he was a teenager. This is just one of several doctors
still practicing medicine despite being sanctioned by medical boards in
the state and in other states for improper sexual conduct.

Another doctor from Beavercreek was found to have had sex with two patients
and to have impregnated another, and a doctor from Hamilton had his license
suspended in Vermont for having sexual conduct with two patients.

The Ohio Medical Board is known to be one of the strictest in the United
States, but it can still take years for physicians accused of sexual misconduct
to face consequences for their actions. Take for instance a doctor from
Huber Heights who was accused of inappropriate sexual advances against
13 different women. Even though the accusations dated back to 2003, the
doctor was able to continue practicing until 2010. It wasn’t until
he was convicted of trying to hire a hitman to kill his ex-wife that he
lost his license to practice medicine.

When the medical board is slow to act, patients can suffer. If you find
out your doctor has a sorted past and has been treating you improperly,
you may be able to pursue a lawsuit.


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