Maternal Fatalities During Childbirth Raises Concern

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Birth Injury, Firm News |

Tragically, the maternal mortality rate in the United States is on the rise. Over the last several years, federal health officials have grown increasingly concerned amid reports of the alarming growth in maternal fatalities across America. However, studies show that these numbers are nowhere close to slowing down. Maternal death is defined as the death of a woman during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or shortly after childbirth. Though many external factors can play a contributing role in these devastating incidents, medical malpractice and negligence are most often to blame. In a shocking report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the majority of these tragedies befall upon women in poverty and women of color. What’s worse is these deaths are almost entirely preventable as medical professionals must vastly improve their efforts on both maternal and fetal health.

Why Are Maternal Mortality Rates On the Rise?

Though this meteoric rise is a concern, you must also consider that significant improvements of the record-keeping regarding maternal deaths have played a role in a part of these rates. However, there are a few key factors which play a tangible part in this heartbreaking endemic. Some research suggests that American women are having children later in their lives, thus increasing their risks of obesity and life-threatening medical conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Pregnant women are also susceptible to perilous risk factors just like any other person, including violence, substance abuse, suicide, homicide, car accidents, etc.

However, the dark reality is that this problem is far more complex and often directly or indirectly related to the hospital, OB/GYN, or medical professional in the direct care of the mother and child. Medical negligence, misconduct, lack of providing adequate care, and poor oversight of care are leading causes of these tragedies. The system is currently failing mothers and their unborn children as these preventable conditions must be mitigated through whatever means necessary, without hesitation. Tentative solutions include an increase in training and communication, reviewing policies, and upholding elevated care criteria for screening, diagnosis, and prevention.

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