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The Top 10 Most Common Birth Injuries

The Lancione Law Firm

Birth injuries occur every day. Unfortunately, many heartbroken families are devastated for their new reality, one which could and should have been avoided. Since the past cannot be erased, the only way to move forward is to ensure these mistakes don’t happen to another child again by forcing responsible parties to be held accountable—a pledge our Ohio birth injury lawyers of The Lancione Law Firm work tirelessly to keep.

The following are the 10 most common birth injuries, in no particular order:

  • Oxygen deprivation, which is the leading cause of brain injuries during labor and delivery. Not only can a lack of oxygen cause cerebral palsy, one of the most debilitating brain disorders, but it also does not take long for the damage to be done. If the baby is left in the birth canal for too long, he or she has a risk of being born with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities.
  • Perinatal asphyxia, a form of oxygen deprivation, can also occur when there is not enough blood flow to the baby before or after birth.
  • Facial paralysis, in which there is too much pressure placed on the child’s face during delivery. This is more common with the incorrect or excessive use of forceps or vacuum extraction and can leave the child’s face completely unable to move.
  • Cerebral palsy is the consequences of failing to properly monitor both the mother and baby during labor. Sadly, there is no cure for the lack of motor skills, muscle spasms, vision impairments, speech problems, and learning disabilities which follow.
  • Cephalohematoma, also known as bleeding under the cranial bone. This birth injury can also result in jaundice, hypotension, anemia, and more.
  • Brachial plexus, which is a disability involving damaged nerves from the spine down to the hand. The most devastating cases even result in permanent paralysis.
  • Spinal cord injuries are some of the most dangerous and often leave babies mentally and physically disabled.
  • Fractured collarbones, requiring further hospitalization for your baby.
  • Caput succedaneum, which refers to a swollen scalp due to pressure during delivery.
  • Hemorrhages are a result of pressure during birth and refer to bleeding under the 2 layers of the brain. They can also cause a burst blood vessel in the eyes.

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