What to know about birth injuries

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Most parents in Ohio cherish the day when their child is born. However, for some parents, it can be a bittersweet day because of the issue of birth injuries. These injuries occur in approximately 7 of every 1,000 births in the United States, and they can affect mothers or babies.

Giving birth can be dramatic. Though it’s a natural process, it’s also one of the most dangerous times in the mother’s and baby’s lives. Problems during delivery can occur due to the position of the baby or the placenta. Typically, when these issues are present late in pregnancy, doctors will make it a point to schedule a caesarean section beforehand. However, those aren’t the only possible issues. Other problems can include meconium aspiration by the infant or fetal distress during labor.

Fetal distress is an interesting complication without a very specific term. Because of that, most responsible nurses and doctors don’t use the term any longer. If they do use it, it should be because of an urgent situation. If that’s not the case, patients should feel confident about asking for a more specific explanation. Fetal distress can be due to umbilical cord prolapse, placental abruption or breathing issues with the fetus.

Injuries sometimes occur during births in spite of the best efforts of everyone involved. However, there are cases when malpractice is at fault. Knowing the difference between a common complication and doctor negligence can be difficult. The issue is further complicated by the low-ball settlement offers that patients sometimes receive. Any family that’s dealing with the fallout from birth injuries may consider asking for help from an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. The lawyer may be able to prove that a reasonable doctor would not have made such a mistake during a birth.


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