4 mistakes to avoid when pursuing a birth injury claim

On Behalf of | Oct 29, 2021 | Birth Injuries, Birth Injury, Medical Malpractice |

As a new parent, you would do anything to shield your child from harm, but when your baby suffers an injury during childbirth, you may not know how to help.

When pursuing a malpractice claim, you should learn how to best build your case and avoid making the following mistakes.

1. Not getting a second opinion

It may be difficult to challenge a healthcare professional, but as the greatest advocate for your child, you cannot accept the doctor’s word that there was no negligence. If you feel your physician failed to adhere to standard protocols, resulting in a traumatic birth injury, a second opinion can ease your mind or validate your suspicions.

2. Not documenting issues

Birth injury claims are difficult to prove because some babies suffer from illnesses or defects that are not related to labor and delivery malpractice. Therefore, it is essential to collect evidence of errors and organize your information.

3. Not getting your child expert follow-up care

After a birth injury, your priority must be to seek immediate medical treatment for your child. Early intervention is key to recovery and prevention of long-term negative effects.

4. Not talking to an attorney

Trying to negotiate with a doctor or insurance company on your own leaves you at a serious disadvantage. Even if you successfully prove negligence, you may not have the knowledge and expertise needed to secure an appropriate settlement.

Your baby deserves the best chance to recover after a birth injury, so it is important to remain diligent and committed to the process for as long as it takes to get justice.


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