One in 12 Pregnancies Is Complicated By Trauma

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Birth Injuries, Birth Injury |

Pregnancy is certainly an exciting time in one’s life, as they no doubt look forward to welcoming their new baby into their home. Yet despite one’s excitement, the fear of a complication that may threaten their and their baby’s health might be ever-present. However, advances in obstetric care in recent years have certainly reduced the risk of such issues during delivery.

Yet what about health issues seemingly unrelated to pregnancy? Many people experience traumatic events that subsequently impact their pregnancies. What might one learn from these experiences should they also experience a traumatic accident?

Reviewing different types of trauma

Research shows that care protocols exist for fetal care when one experiences major trauma (anything that is immediately life-threatening). However, according to data shared by the medical journal American Family Physician, clinicians classify 90% of the traumatic injuries that occur during pregnancy. Yet while minor trauma may not endanger a person’s life, the same study showed that such accidents account for between 60-70% of fetal losses.

Receiving care following minor trauma

By definition, minor trauma typically does not involve issues that one might assume could endanger their pregnancy (as they may not experience any bleeding or decrease in their baby’s movement). However, that does not necessarily mean that the baby is not in danger of suffering a significant birth injury. Thus, experts recommend similar monitoring to that one might receive following major trauma. Specifically, four hours of tocodynamometric (uterine contraction) monitoring following trauma may help detect placental abruption the separation of the placenta from the uterus). Should an expectant mother experience six or more contractions per hour during that time, monitoring should continue for another 24 hours.


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