The importance of a life care plan after a childbirth injury

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Things went terribly wrong during the birth of your child. The mistakes made by the medical team led to your infant sustaining a birth injury that will lead to lifelong health complications. Seeking legal action remains a given, but so does creating a life care plan for your child.

Your family’s world has changed, and routine daily living is no longer routine due to your child’s health complications and the costs that come with them. This is the time to create a life care plan – a comprehensive strategy detailing the lifetime needs of a disabled person. Doing so allows for the planning of future expenses.

Expected medical costs and list of injuries

It is important to create a life care plan. You have accepted the fate of your child’s injury by a negligent health care team. Now you want to help take of him or her in the best ways possible. A life care plan provides a blueprint of crucial matters to expect.

What should life care plan include? Here are some of those details:

  • Types of injuries that occurred during childbirth
  • Future medical and health care needs, including surgeries and prescription drugs
  • Necessary valuations, tests and therapies
  • Medical equipment
  • Overall medical costs on annual and decades-long bases
  • Potential medical complications
  • Life expectancy

Having a thorough and detailed life care plan not only helps you understand what is in store for your family and your child, but also can help you in legal negotiations. With a life care plan in hand, your family will be in a stronger negotiation position when seeking a settlement.

Allows you to plan for the future

The birth of your child was expected to be a joyous occasion. However, a childbirth injury complicated things, and now you face new challenges, including creating a life care plan. A life care plan will not change what happened to your child, but it is an effective tool to help you understand what may happen.


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