Was the C-section necessary?

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

A C-section is usually an alternative or emergency option during labor when a woman cannot give birth naturally due to issues with her or the baby. It is usually a choice made to save lives and avoid serious issues that could come from natural birth.

However, there are situations where a C-section may not be the best option. The Atlantic explains the number of C-sections has been going up, and it is at a point that is too high because it is not creating healthier mothers and babies. There are many reasons why a doctor may choose to do a C-section even when it is not necessary.


One reason some doctors may do an unnecessary C-section is that they make more money. It is a surgery for which they can charge much more than they could with a vaginal birth. In addition, the hospital makes more money, so some facilities may be pushing for C-sections.


Sometimes, it is not the doctor who wants the C-section. Many doctors will do one if the mother requests it. Some women want a C-section because they feel it is easier or they like being able to choose when they will have their babies.


Doctors may be under pressure from the hospital to move patients through labor and delivery quickly to allow faster turnover of rooms. There is no way to rush natural labor, which means some doctors may feel they have no choice but to perform a C-section.


There is some proof that doctors often push C-sections when they work best for their schedules. For example, peak times are around mealtimes or near the end of a doctor’s shift.

Whatever the reason behind it, a doctor should never push a C-section unless it is what is best for the mother and baby.


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