Breaking down healthcare’s “Big Three”

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America’s healthcare system ranks among the finest in the world, a fact that should instill great confidence in the minds of Ohio residents needing care. Yet news of medical malpractice cases remain common, serving to erode that expected trust in the minds of many.

Among the more common issues cited in such cases are misdiagnoses. Some may justifiably wonder how doctors (with years of education and experience coupled with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools supporting their work) can make such mistakes. The fact that a vast majority of these errors revolve around certain common conditions makes their occurrence even more baffling.

The most common misdiagnosed cases

Indeed, according to information shared by Medical News Today, nearly 75% of all medical misdiagnoses identified as causing serious harm related to the following three conditions:

  • Cancer
  • Vascular issues
  • Infections

Context and setting often impact the probability of such errors. For example, cancer misdiagnoses are more likely to occur in an outpatient setting, while errors in judgment regarding vascular issues and infections are more likely to occur in emergency cases.

On overreliance on assumptions?

Even still, medical professionals receive extensive training on how to work in such settings. How is it, then, that such errors still occur? One reason may be an overreliance on heuristics. These are problem-solving methods viewed as assisting in reaching immediate short-term solutions. Given that doctors have limited time with patients, one can understand why such professionals rely on heuristics. However, studies show that when used as the primary basis for a diagnosis, they often lead to problems.

Per the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, heuristics such as an over-emphasis on expert opinion or allowing recency bias to influence a diagnosis (in contrast to a patient’s clinical indicators) may result in a misdiagnosis. A review of one’s medical records may reveal such contradictions.


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