Assertive communication and preventing birth injuries

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Giving birth can make even experienced mothers feel uneasy and anxious. With the uncertainty that often accompanies the arrival of a new baby, women can benefit from the reassurance of a trusted doctor.

One of the best ways for mothers to protect themselves and their babies’ well-being is to communicate assertively with their health care provider. Being forthcoming about expressing concerns may help to prevent birth injuries for both mother and baby.

Anticipating the unexpected

There is no way of telling for sure how a birth experience will go. Many factors can influence pregnancy and childbearing including pollution, prenatal health and care, genetics and trauma to name a few. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mothers can better control the well-being of their unborn babies and themselves when they apply the following:

  • Abstaining from drugs and alcohol throughout pregnancy
  • Receiving federally recommended vaccinations
  • Consuming suggested amounts of folic acid throughout pregnancy
  • Monitoring health and wellness
  • Responding promptly to infections

If mothers have a notable family history of specific birth injuries or have significant concerns about health history, they should actively discuss these topics with their doctor. Health care providers should take such information seriously and help mothers develop a customized birthing plan.

Communicating concerns

Failure from doctors to recognize patient concerns and respond appropriately can jeopardize safety and life expectancy. The Mayo Clinic lists some of the benefits of assertive communication including more efficient decision-making, increased self-confidence, elevated respect and improved honesty. Each of these benefits can serve to protect expectant mothers and their babies.

If at any point during pregnancy mothers feel dissatisfied with treatment from a doctor, they should take immediate action. Having children requires physical sacrifice and mental tenacity. Responsible doctors will recognize the gravity of their role in facilitating the safe arrival of new babies.


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