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A Cesarean-section can be dangerous, as it’s a surgery that requires anesthetics and other medications. A C-section is a method of addressing complications that arise during birth, and it can be a saving grace to rescue an ailing mother or child. An error in the timing of a C-section can have serious consequences, and an already difficult delivery could become dangerous for both mother and child.

When a child is in distress in the womb, it’s important for the C-section to take place swiftly. To determine when the C-section should take place, the fetal condition of the child needs to be monitored. Obstetric nurses, as well as doctors and technicians, should be monitoring the birth throughout the process. If the C-section is not performed, the child could be left with injuries or even dead.

C-section errors include things like a nicked bladder or bowel, which can directly affect the mother. If a doctor recommends a vaginal birth after a C-section, there are actions that need to take place. Not doing so can put the mother and child at risk. Physical injury to a fetus during a C-section is also a possibility.

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