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Personal injuries can happen in an instant. One second, you may be driving down the road in your car and the next, you’re struck by a large truck. You could have been a pedestrian crossing the street when a car sped through a stop light. Whatever the reason is for your personal injury, when your painful injury isn’t your fault, you are in a position to make a claim for compensation.

Injuries can be life-changing events, especially if you’re suffering from a head injury, back injury or severe burns or lacerations. You may have to go through several surgeries for reconstruction or to help reduce pressure on your brain, or you could have years of rehabilitation related to shattered bones or a head injury.

Your life has been put on hold because someone else was negligent, distracted or made otherwise bad choices. You shouldn’t have to front the cost on top of the consequences, because you’re already looking at weeks, months or years of changes in your own life. You’re in a position to make a claim against the other party for compensation, so you can get your medical bills, wages and other financial losses back.

You’re not the only person affected by your injury, and it’s possible your family can make a claim as well, which is something you may want to speak about with your attorney. Our website has more information about personal injuries and your rights; you don’t need to let the person at fault get away without paying for the pain and suffering you’ve been put through.