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Major medical mistakes take place all the time in the United States, but many people ask why this happens, since the technology to prevent incidents is available. Major errors take place often; for instance, around once in every 100,000 surgeries, a person is operated on in the wrong location. Sometimes, it’s even the wrong person who goes under the knife.

Much more common is the fact that surgical equipment can be left in the body. In around one out of every 10,000 procedures, patients find that they have had an item left in their bodies, forcing them to get surgery again or to take medications to avoid or reduce infection.

What is the most common cause for these errors?

The lack of communication between the medical staff is the main cause of most mistakes that take place. Another thing that can result in a patient suffering an injury is a misunderstanding or miscommunication of what is needed or which medications to get for a patient.

How can these errors be avoided?

It’s vital, first of all, for the errors to be reported, so doctors and medical professionals know how common they are. Once you can identify how many injuries take place, it’s easier to track the reasoning for those mistakes. If miscommunication is a factor, adding an extra layer of paperwork could help, for instance.

If you’ve been hurt, you have the right to file a medical malpractice claim. Surgical errors may affect your life, and it’s important to hold the medical team responsible for the injuries you’ve suffered at their hands.