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The assumption many people in Cleveland have about twins is that they are similar. Even if they are not identical twins, there is still an assumption that they have many things in common. While this may be true, it need not always be. Take, for example, twin brothers where one has cerebral palsy and the other does not.

Cerebral palsy is a common birth injury, one that can further be broken down into four types. The causes for cerebral palsy are also fairly widespread, but many of them are caused by medical negligence. When a doctor fails to recognize fetal distress, for example, and delays delivery, a child could lose oxygen to its brain and develop cerebral palsy. Whatever the cause, if medical negligence played a part, a doctor may be held liable.

For the twin brothers, now adults, their lives have been shaped by the one brother’s cerebral palsy. Even as an adult, he has episodes of severe pain and must continue to undergo surgeries. He lives with cramps that can affect any part of his body, cramps which severely interfere with his life.

All of these things cost money, money that the twin with cerebral palsy may not have. If his birth injury was truly the fault of a doctor, nurse or some other health care professional, his parents should have filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on his behalf. These lawsuits are more than just about holding someone responsible for their mistakes, they are also about creating the funds necessary to care for someone with cerebral palsy.