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A New Jersey CVS pharmacy announced recently that it had mixed up children’s fluoride tablets with tamoxifen, a drug for breast cancer patients. The tablets for both drugs are round, white, and roughly similar in size. Local reports estimate that dozens of families could be affected by the news.

Though the children who took tamoxifen are not likely to experience any serious health problems, this event demonstrates that the dangers of pharmacy errors are very real. Many pharmacies rely on non-pharmacists to help fill prescriptions, which increases the chance of errors. But even a trained pharmacist can make mistakes: though many brand-name pharmaceuticals are easy to identify by their unique colors and shapes, many generic drugs have the same sizes, shapes, and colors.

Medication errors such as this can potentially have deadly consequences. An incorrect drug may interact adversely with a patient’s other medications or cause a serious allergic reaction. Physicians and pharmacists alike must do all they can to prevent the occurrence of these sorts of mistakes.

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