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Having a child can be one of the major joys in your life. When you go to the hospital to give birth, you’re ready for your labor to go as smoothly as possible, so you can see the child who has been growing for such a long time. Sometimes, you’ll find that you’re having trouble going into labor, and going past your due date can be frustrating and painful.

When you’re overdue, you may be given a drug called Pitocin. This medication induces labor and delivery, helping you give birth. Normally, it’s used when labor is stalled and a baby is in distress. Unfortunately, it can be given in the wrong situations or even not given when needed, resulting in injuries to you and your child.

This drug can cause hyperstimulation of the uterus and uterine rupture. It normally shouldn’t be given to mothers who have already had a C-section and are now going through a vaginal birth. This mistake can lead to a major risk for complications that could, in some cases, be deadly.

Doctors need to closely monitor patients on this drug and those struggling with labor. No, not every problem you’ll go through during labor is a result of negligence, but knowing the errors that are can be a way to help protect yourself and your rights as a patient. If your child passes away or you are severely injured due to misused medications, then you may have suffered medical malpractice.

Our website has more information about inducing labor and what your medical team should be doing for you. Negligence is dangerous, and you deserve to be protected. If you’ve suffered a loss due to their neglect, then you may be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering.