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A new study has found that the Chinese herbal medicine practice called Ji-Sui-Kang may reduce cell death and inflammation while improving locomotor functions following a spinal cord injury. Though the treatment was administered to rats whose spinal cords had been damaged, this could turn into an important treatment option for individuals in Ohio who have spinal cord injuries caused by medical malpractice. Although it is far more common for a spinal cord injury to be caused by a car accident or a fall, when medical negligence is the cause of the injury, a patient can file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

This Chinese herbal treatment is currently sold in Chinese medicine shops, but there needs to be more research done before scientists can safely say that the treatment will have healing effects on human spinal cord injuries.

Researchers administered the treatment to rats for 21 days following the injury. When compared with rats that only received a saline solution, those rats receiving the treatment had much greater use of their limbs past the point of injury. The first sign of significant improvement was within the first seven days of the treatment.

Not only were the rats who received the treatment showing signs of improvement, but the size of the injury was also greatly reduced. An examination of the spinal cord itself showed that it was also better preserved.

Right now, however, this treatment has only been studied in rats. Until greater information is available, patients with spinal cord injuries may still wish to file medical malpractice lawsuits against the medical professionals responsible for their injuries.