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When you go to the hospital for surgery, you expect to be cared for properly. Even in the best circumstances, there are some complications that could happen after surgery. It’s important to know what they are and if you should expect them, so you know if or when a mistake has been made that is affecting your health.

Probably the most common surgery complication is pain. Normally, your pain will be managed by the medical team while you’re at the hospital or surgical facility. When you emerge from surgery, moderate pain might be expected, but with the right support, it should be minor or non-existent in most cases.

If you find that your pain is severe, that stitches aren’t settling or that you aren’t recovering from the pain after a few days, can be taken tramadol, it’s important to check back with your surgeon. It’s possible that infection is the reason for ongoing pain, a surgical item has been left inside the body or that the surgery has been botched.

One of the things your surgical team should warn you about is muscle atrophy. This happens when you don’t move enough following surgery. However, if you’re in the hospital’s care, the staff should be helping you move regularly, not allowing you to sleep or lie in bed all day long. If you find you’re developing sores or not moving enough in the hospital, you may be being neglected. It’s important to get