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Clevelanders should be aware that taking the wrong medication can cause a number of problems. If you mix medications that aren’t meant to be mixed due to medication errors at a pharmacy, for instance, you could end up sick, injured or worse. In this case, a pharmacy in Illinois is asking that a lawsuit be removed because the amount the victim is asking for exceeds $75,000.

According to the article from Nov. 20, the pharmacy in Alton, Illinois, was accused of dispensing the wrong medication to a patient. He was allegedly prescribed the muscle relaxant known as Robaxin in a 500 mg dosage. However, he was given a prescription for Cyclobenzaprine in a 10 mg dosage, and while it’s still a muscle relaxant, it was the wrong one.

The incorrect medication allegedly made the man incredibly ill, and he has allegedly been left with serious injuries that may be permanent. His complaint states that the pharmacy gave him the wrong prescription medication, didn’t train its employees properly and failed to follow the correct protocols to make sure his medication was correct. The pharmacist has been named as a defendant, the man and his wife, are allegedly seeking over $300,000 in damages for his injuries.

Oddly, the pharmacy is seeking to dismiss the case, because the people involved hail from different states. The victim is from Illinois, but the pharmacist is allegedly from Rhode Island. Due to the diversity of citizenship, the CVS where the mishap took place is seeking for the charges to be dropped.

If you’re injured due to a medical error, you don’t want to lose your compensation due to a technicality. Contacting an attorney is one options you can try if you’re planning on suing for damages.