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If you’ve been given a medication by a doctor in Ohio that led to an overdose, then you could have faced a life-threatening situation. Medication doses must be strictly adhered to, or they can cause massive side effects like heart palpitations, cardiac arrest or blood clotting. When a prescription medication is overdosed due to your doctor’s orders, you need to look into your legal options. That kind of negligence could have left you dead.

You can seek damages from a few people, depending on who got your medication wrong. If the doctor gave you too much in a hospital, you may seek compensation from the hospital and the medical team. If you picked up a prescription and it was written wrong, you may be able to seek compensation from the prescriber. If it was filled wrong at the pharmacy, then the pharmacy may be responsible for your compensation.

There are many times when you can try to seek compensation for an overdose or incorrect prescription. For instance, if you weren’t given the right amount of pain medication while in the hospital, that’s dangerous. If you were given the wrong dosage or type of medication, were given a prescription for a medication that doesn’t match your medical history or if the completely wrong medication was given, then you may have a case. Of course, one of the most serious issues is drug interactions; before you have a drug given to you, a doctor and pharmacist should be checking to make sure it’s safe to take with your other medications.