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With around one in 20 Americans misdiagnosed each year in outpatient clinics, it’s not surprising that some people end up with paralysis as a result of their conditions. For example, a tumor that is not identified as cancerous may grow, putting pressure on the brain stem or spine, resulting in paralysis later.

It’s estimated that around 6 million patients are injured due to misdiagnoses each year, with an annual rate of diagnostic errors in outpatient facilities marked at around 5.08 percent. While some kinds of errors won’t lead to any long-term injury to patients, missing important symptoms or signs of progressive illnesses can lead to damage that can’t be reversed or cured.

To improve the accuracy of a diagnosis, it’s wise for patients to write down all of their concerns and symptoms before an appointment if possible. If the medical provider treating you for an illness isn’t seeing improvement or changes that should take place with the diagnosed condition, then that provider should be looking into other potential explanations. If you want to get a second opinion on a diagnosis, do so. You have a right to have your concerns heard by as many medical professionals as you feel you need to hear your symptoms, so you can get the treatment you need.

Our website has more information on medical negligence, medical errors and other situations that could lead to patient injuries. If you’re ready to make a claim, understand your rights. You deserve to be heard and to get the care you need to live with the highest quality of life possible.