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Surgical errors are a risk every patient faces but shouldn’t have to worry about. Doctors who take the time to prepare and teams of nurses working with them should be ready and willing to take the steps required to perform a perfect surgery. While patients may suffer from unexpected complications that aren’t a result of the doctor’s care, there is also a risk of suffering from complications as a result of mistakes made due to human error. For example, leaving a sponge in a person could mean having to have a second operation to get it out after realizing the patient has developed an infection.

There are a few main risks you face any time you enter a hospital and require surgery. These include receiving the wrong dosages of medications or the wrong medications, suffering from post-op pneumonia or a hospital-spread infection, suffering from a blood clot or bleeding following surgery or having complications as a result of anesthesia. Most of these risks can be mitigated with a medical team that is dedicated to patient care.

For your case, you could show that you suffered a hospital-borne illness as a result of a nurse or doctor failing to sterilize needles or parts of your hospital room. You could show you lost blood because of a surgical error during which a surgeon forgot to stitch part of your wound. You might show that anesthesia given inaccurately caused you to wake up and feel your entire operation. These are all major concerns and ones that others should take seriously. You can file a claim if they happen to you, and your attorney can help you understand what to expect. Our website has more information on what to do next.