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It may seem unlikely, but simple injuries can lead to severe, life-threatening conditions. Physicians – particularly those who specialize in emergency medicine – are trained to recognize and address situations that could lead to bigger problems. Unfortunately, medical professionals make mistakes and, when they do, these mistakes can lead to claims for emergency room negligence.

Small Injury, Big Problems

A hospital in Saint Louis, Missouri is currently battling allegations that its emergency room physicians improperly treated a homeless woman who came to the hospital seeking treatment for a sprained ankle in September of last year. 29-year-old Anna Brown had visited three other emergency rooms complaining of leg pain in the days leading up to her death. When she finally visited the emergency room at St. Mary’s Health Center, the pain was unbearable. Physicians performed several tests on Brown and insisted that she had a simple sprained ankle. Brown refused to leave the emergency room without further treatment and the hospital had her arrested. She later died in a jail cell.

An autopsy determined that Brown died after blood clots that had formed in her legs migrated to her lungs. St. Mary’s Health Center insists that its physicians performed all necessary tests, but questions remain. Most importantly, would doctors have been able to save Brown’s life had they not ignored her continued pleas for help?

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