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Errors in surgery can leave you with injuries; fight back

When you go into surgery or have to be intubated, a drug known as a neuromuscular blocking agent is used. This drug helps prevent the body from moving, but it has some side effects that can be dangerous. For example, if you are not intubated and receiving help to breathe, your lungs could become paralyzed, and you could suffocate. Normally, patients are monitored very closely on these medications, but the wrong dosage or incorrect timing can lead to some issues.

One issue that sometimes comes up is the fact that patients can still feel pain when they receive this medication. They can’t move, and they are unable to breathe on their own in most cases. That means that the person, who could be completely aware of his or her surroundings, may feel extremely anxious or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the use of the drugs if they do not perform adequately.

There are stories of people waking up during surgery when they are unable to tell anyone they are awake or feeling pain, which is a result of this medication. Other stories talk about patients who received the NBA on accident instead of receiving a vaccine. How could that happen? Sometimes, vials look similar and even names can be similar to one another. This leads to accidents, which is why nurses and doctors have to be so careful when administering medications.

If you are hurt and suffer from paralysis, there is legal help available. Our website has more information on what it takes to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.