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This news may be interesting to Ohioans familiar with medical malpractice. In a case published on Jan. 9, a family has decided to sue over their daughter’s death. They believe her death was due to medical malpractice and negligence, according to the report. This is because she allegedly sought treatment and was not given proper treatment for a treatable condition.

According to the news, the 26-year-old woman died from massive cerebral hemorrhaging, irreversible brain damage and a stroke due to a blood clot. According to the news, she had been complaining of a 10-day spell with headaches when she arrived at the hospital. The team of doctors allegedly provided her with pain medication and did a number of tests, but no one had ordered a CT scan or other such tests to check for a life-threatening condition. The woman also didn’t see a neurologist until over 40 hours had passed from her admission to the hospital.

The woman had just graduated from medical school in May 2013 when she noticed unexplainable bruising and started to have nagging headache, according to the report. She was not given anti-clotting medications until around nine hours before she died, according to the lawsuit, and if she had been, her death may have been prevented.

If you’ve gone to an Ohio hospital with serious pain or injuries and have been neglected or mistreated, it’s important to know that you have options. You may be able to seek compensation, and there are steps you can take to make sure that others won’t suffer the same neglect that you had to.