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A misdiagnosis can do more than make you wait to find out what’s been going wrong with your body. In some cases, delaying treatment can result in diseases progressing or your condition getting worse, leaving you in pain and potentially allowing you to become terminally ill.

Misdiagnosing or failing to diagnose cancer is one of the things that can result in you falling very ill and potentially could put your life at risk. There are several common reasons cancers go without being found, but in most cases, proper diagnostic procedures should be enough to find the cancer.

Some possible reasons your cancer wasn’t found could include the failure to perform the right tests, laboratory errors or misread test results. For example, if you had a mammogram and were told that it was clear even though there were indications of cancerous cells, then that test result could lead you to foregoing treatment. In another case, if a laboratory fails to send back the right test results, you could be getting the results belonging to another person, making you think you’re okay despite symptoms that tell you otherwise.

A misdiagnosis of cancer can be devastating in the long run. What used to be a treatable condition may have grown into a serious condition requiring multiple surgeries, or you could even be facing a terminal diagnosis due to the delay in treatment. Many types of cancer have a good treatment success rate, but delaying treatment can allow the cells to spread, spreading cancer to other parts of your body that are harder to treat. Our website has more information about cancer and what to do if you’ve been misdiagnosed.