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Have you suffered from paralysis thanks to a negligent act caused by an employer or car accident? Operating errors, improperly administered anesthesia and other medical malpractice issues can also cause paralysis that can take time to recover from. Even temporary paralysis can be a major hindrance. When it happens to you, your life comes to a standstill; you can’t go back to work, you suffer through hours of rehabilitation with few results, and you may feel mentally drained.

Paralysis is often a life-altering and life-long condition. It’s caused by trauma to the brain or spinal cord, and it affects a person’s ability to control physical movement. In many instances, things like financial difficulties, emotional stress, and pain and suffering need to be addressed through a civil lawsuit.

As a patient, you were probably aware that paralysis could happen to you during surgery. You signed paperwork that agreed that you knew there were dangers involved. Did you really know how serious your injuries could be, though? If your physician didn’t discuss them with you or took an unnecessary risk during your procedure, then you are in a difficult position. Fortunately, you may be able to get the compensation you need for further medical tests, to pay bills and to get your life as normal as possible.

To learn more about paralysis and how you can seek compensation after medical malpractice leaves you unable to return to your former life, please read over our webpage on injury claims. Don’t let those who hurt you get away with this; they should have to pay for your pain and suffering and to help you live a more comfortable life with your injury.