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When a child suffers from a birth injury, most people probably think that injury is going to be neurological in nature. That’s not entirely true, and many kinds of injuries can happen due to negligence or natural processes.

One of the most common things that happens to babies is broken bones during delivery. The most frequently fractured bone is the clavicle, which can fracture due to the delivery process. This in itself does not indicate medical malpractice, but the failure of a doctor to help a child who has ongoing pain or injury due to this common injury could be. Some children require rehabilitation services to rebuild strength following this injury.

A long bone fracture can also happen. This is when an arm or leg fractures during delivery. How will you know if it happens? Most of the time, the obstetrician will know by the sound or feeling of a snap. After the bone fractures, the baby may struggle with the loss of spontaneous arm or leg movements and may have swelling around the fracture. If your obstetrician doesn’t order X-rays or provide a splint, you may have a case, but most of the time, these injuries are a result of the tight delivery process.

Fractures can be painful for babies, but most of the time, they heal within a few days without any major complications. If you’re concerned that your child was mishandled or that a delay or rush in delivery led to these injuries, it’s important to discuss your concerns with your attorney. That way, you can review the facts and decide how to move forward.