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When someone in Columbus goes to the doctor and becomes a victim of medical malpractice, it is a tragedy. Yet, depending on how old he or she is at the time of his or her negligent medical care, he or she may not need supplementary medical care for that long. When someone is born with a birth injury, however, he or she may need lifelong care.

Such is likely the case of a young girl who recently was awarded $130 million in a recent medical malpractice lawsuit. Though either 10 or 11 years old, she has never been able to write, walk, or speak. Nor can the young girl swallow without help. Unless there is a vast improvement in the care of people with cerebral palsy, it is likely that she will need help for the rest of her life, possibly 24-hour care. It is not something that her parents can provide, and, even if they could, they may not outlive their daughter.

The cause of the child’s cerebral palsy is negligent medical care which resulted in a lack of oxygen to the brain. Her mother had gone to the hospital in 2002, but instead of using approved and accepted medical techniques, the woman’s obstetrician made errors while delivering the child. It was these errors, the jury found, that caused the lack of oxygen and the subsequent cerebral palsy.

For the rest of this girl’s life, she will need medical attention, supervision and assistance, all three of which come at a considerable cost. Without the medical malpractice award, it is highly unlikely that the girl’s parents would have been able to afford to properly care for their daughter.