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When a physician causes a medication error there are several things that could happen. Perhaps an Akron patient will have a mild allergic reaction. Maybe the medicine will have no effect at all because it is neutralized by another medication. And, of course, the patient can suffer serious side effects due to the improper medication. It was this last option that left a young girl with a severe brain injury.

Although this medication error did not happen in Akron, the scenario could easily have happened here. Unfortunately, doctors frequently make mistakes that can seriously injure or kill patients, some of which are the result of something innocent like miscommunication.

In this story, the young girl was in the hospital because of a heart problem when she acquired a cold. For some reason, the girl’s two cardiologists had some kind of breakdown of communication and one of the physicians prescribed a nasal spray for the cold. Sadly, the nose spray did not relieve her symptoms, but rather cut off oxygen to her brain, causing a serious injury.

Now, the girl will need nursing care for the rest of her life. Everyday and every hour, someone will need to look after this girl’s needs, as she cannot swallow, move or talk. The cost of care alone will be astronomical, which makes it fortunate that the girl’s family members recently won $15.2 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital at which the physicians work.

Despite the fact the family won, it was a long court battle, especially since the hospital denied that the nasal spray caused the brain injury.