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Those who are chronically ill are some of the most vulnerable people that medical providers work with. Failing these individuals can lead to severe injury or death. Patients who face medical errors can make claims for compensation, but is that enough?

HIV medication errors can cost an HIV-positive patient his or her life. Failing to halt the disease during the HIV stage can lead to AIDS, which can be much harder to manage.

What are some common errors made when working with HIV-positive patients?

Incorrect dosing is common. This is the most common error other than the inappropriate use of proton pump inhibitors when patients were already on antretroiviral medications. The same is true is histamine-2 receptor antagonists were given to patients; these medications can interact.

Are medication errors very high for HIV patients?

Yes, but that is changing. In a study, it was found that while the initial number of medication errors was high, the number of errors decreased over the course of three years. During the study, 334 patients were followed. Of them, 45 percent reported at least one mistake with the antiretroviral medications, while 38 percent were still dealing with errors that had not been remedied when they were discharged from the hospital. After three years, the number of patients suffering from mistakes dropped to around 37 percent.

When did most errors occur in the study?

Most of the time, it was seen that errors took place when a patient was first taken to the hospital for admission. This could be for many reasons, but it’s most likely due to the fact that the patients were coming to the hospital on the weekends or during late-night hours. Because of that, there are fewer staff members present to help assist.

If you or a loved has suffered because of a medication error, an attorney can provide more information on how to seek compensation.