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An appeals court recently upheld a $4.7 million verdict against a Mississippi hospital after a woman died because staff failed to follow precautions against allergic reaction to latex. The case provides a frightening indication of the consequences of hospital negligence.

In 2000, a 29-year-old woman underwent a hysterectomy at the Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. Not long after surgery, she complained of itching, blisters on her lips, and nausea. Though her physicians administered Benadryl and anti-nausea medications, her condition did not improve. The next day, her condition worsened and she became unable to breathe on her own. She was transferred into the hospital’s intensive care unit and died several days later.

Although the woman had indicated an allergy to chestnuts on her admission form – a sign of a possible latex allergy – nurses did not follow established admission procedures. Specifically, nurses should have indicated the risk of the allergy on her admission form, placed a special sticker on her chart, and alerted other staff not to use latex products around the patient. At trial, nurses testified that they did none of those things. Tragically, their mistake was deadly and a jury awarded the woman’s estate $4.7 million.

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