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A hospital in Illinois has settled for $8.3 million with the family of an infant boy who died after he was given too much sodium through an intravenous tube. The boy, who was born four months prematurely, was only about 40 days old when he died in 2010.

A hospital investigation determined that the dosage of sodium for the IV bag that killed the child had been incorrectly entered into the machine that mixed the solution. A simple data entry error caused a child to die far before his time.

Unfortunately, these sorts of medication errors are not uncommon. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), adverse drug events – injuries stemming from the use of medications – account for approximately 700,000 visits to hospital emergency rooms each year. Sadly, many of these sorts of accidents are preventable.

Though hospitals and health care providers have been working to implement strategies to prevent medication errors, no system is foolproof.

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