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If you’ve followed the court cases surrounding Michael Jackson, you might be interested in hearing that a court has upheld the conviction of the doctor accused in Jackson’s death. Medication errors can cost lives, and this doctor may have given Jackson too much of an anesthetic known as propofol in June 2009. According to the court case, Jackson had nightly doses of the drug for almost six weeks to help with his sleep.

The maximum sentence allowed in the case was four years; the appeals court dealing with the case has decided that the Superior Court judge who imposed the sentence had the right to do so, holding up his judgment. According to the news, the courts agree that the doctor had a callous disregard for Jackson’s health and safety, provided him with dangerous drugs without the correct medical equipment and left him unattended when he was using these potentially dangerous drugs.

The case had been appealed because the doctor claimed that the judge who oversaw the initial case had improperly excluded jurors from hearing key evidence in the case. The appellate court did not agree; but still, the doctor will allegedly continue to appeal his case to higher courts.

If you’ve been given the wrong doses of medication or the wrong drugs in Cleveland, you should be aware that you have legal rights. In the wrong hands and without proper care, almost any medication can turn deadly. If you’ve been injured due to medical malpractice, medication errors, or an overdose, it’s vital that you speak with an attorney about your case.