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A jury in Philadelphia recently awarded a mother $78.5 million after faulty diagnostic procedures at a local hospital left her son suffering from cerebral palsy.

In August 2008, 34-year-old Victoria Upsey arrived at the hospital with symptoms of complications that indicated her unborn son was being deprived of oxygen. A physician at the hospital examined her and determined that her baby had already died. After a second ultrasound, however, doctors detected a fetal heartbeat and performed an emergency cesarean section. At trial, experts testified that Upsey’s son would likely have avoided injury if doctors had immediately initiated delivery.

In this case, the jury found that the doctor who initially examined Upsey was not responsible. Rather, the hospital was responsible for the child’s injuries. The hospital not only lacked a properly trained ultrasound technician, but nothing but old, unreliable ultrasound equipment available.

The verdict includes payment for the child’s future medical expenses, lost future earnings, pain and suffering, and emotional distress to Upsey, who is a single mother.

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