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As a victim of medical malpractice, there are some things you should know. Medical malpractice, by definition, is when a health care professional fails to give a patient the right or necessary treatments that he or she needs, whether those treatments include drugs, therapies or other medical procedures.

What are some causes of medical malpractice?

Many causes of medical malpractice exist, but some of the most common times to suffer from malpractice include when a diagnosis is being made, when a treatment is being provided, when the patient is having his or her health managed or during aftercare. If a nurse or doctor fails to give the level of care expected, which is the level any person would expect from a doctor in that field performing the same tasks for the same illness, then medical malpractice may be a concern.

What are some kinds of medical errors?

Childbirth injuries, medication errors, surgical errors and anesthesia errors all have the potential to result in harm to a patient. Medication errors include giving a person the wrong dosage of a medication or providing an inappropriate drug. Childbirth injuries can happen before, during or after birth when a decision results in injuries to a child.

Anesthesia errors can result in brain damage or death when oxygen isn’t delivered or too much of a drug is used. If not enough is used, a patient could wake up during a procedure. Finally, surgical errors can take place if a nurse or doctor punctures a vessel or operates in the wrong place. In each case, patients who suffer injuries or their surviving loved ones can seek a malpractice case to obtain compensation for their financial losses.